Hotels on Our Wishlist

The idea of this website was to do two things. First it was to keep a track of all the luxury, exotic, unique and perhaps even quirky hotels around the world that we wanted to visit one day. And secondly, once we’ve visited them, we wanted to keep a record of all our wonderful experiences, so others might hopefully decide to follow in our footsteps.

So, to get started, here’s a look at some of the hotels on our wish list, with our thoughts on what makes then so appealing, apart from the obvious opportunity to enjoy some luxury and a bit of pampering.

These are in no particular order, they’re all as amazing as each other!

George V, Paris

To start with, we’ve stayed pretty close to home. Paris is always a great city to visit, particularly if you’re looking for a romantic break. But you need to do it in style to really enjoy it. And what could be more stylish that the 5 star George V. Whether it’s for the views, the food, or simply to enjoy the luxury, this hotel offers everything you could want to make the most of this amazing city.

The Gritti Palace, Venice

English-speakers shouldn’t be put off by the name, this hotel is the polar opposite of the adjective it’s name might suggest. With a perfect setting on the Grand Canal, the hotel has recently had millions spent on a complete refurbishment. It was an amazing venire before this, and it is even more so now. There can be no better way to enjoy Venice.

Banyan Tree, Bangkok

This is yet another spectacular hotel that might not be for those that aren’t great with heights. The aptly-named Vertigo Rooftop Bar is located an astonishing 61 floors up. While it offers unrivalled views of the Bangkok skyline, you might not want to stay up there too long, especially after a couple of G&Ts.

Harbour Grand, Kowloon

As well as being right at the heart of everything there is to enjoy about Hong Kong, the Harbour Grand also has a special treat, for those not too bothered by heights. The infinity pool on the roof is a great way to relax, and offers stunning views of the harbour and the surrounding mountain. You just might not want to get to close to the edge!

Gansevoort, New York City

NYC is literally awash with luxury hotels, so it can be a bit of a challenge to find one that offers something a little different – along with the 5 star luxury of course. The Gansevoort is a stylish, modern hotel located in the meat-packing district, and offers 360 views of New York from it’s gorgeous rooftop pool and bar.

So that’s the first five hotels ion the wish list – I wonder how long it will take to visit them. Check back soon to see if any of them have been crossed off the list.