Hotel Bars

Our Favourite Hotel Bars

banyan-tree-vertigoThere’s something about staying in a luxury hotel that makes you want to enjoy everything they have to offer, and this is certainly true when it comes to the hotel bar.

We say ‘bar’, but these days the reality is that most 4 and 5 star hotels will have more than one bar – each with it’s on theme or characteristics that are designed to appeal to different people. You can guarantee, whatever your taste, there’ll be a hotel with a bar to match.

As much as staying in nice hotels, we enjoy being in nice bars inside nice hotels probably just as much. So here are a few hotel bars we like the look of that would tempt us to stay in our hotel a bit longer – but hopefully not too long.

Vertigo Rooftop Bar, Bangkok

We’ve already mentioned the rooftop bar and restaurant at the Banyan Tree in Bangkok, but it definitely deserves another mention if we’re looking at hotel bars that are nothing short of spectacular. And just in case you thought that we’re exaggerating when we say how amazing it is, that’s a picture of it above.

Artesian, London

The Langham hotel is home to Artesian, which is not only attractive because of its surroundings, but also because of the amazing cocktails it serves. Voted ‘Best Bar in the World’ for three years running, don’t be surprised if the drink you ordered looks more like a work of art, or even a magic trick, when it arrives.

O2 Bar, Moscow

This is another rooftop bar, that is contained beneath a glass and steel dome on top of the Ritz Carlton. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but the views are meant to be outstanding as the drinks menu, you can even enjoy a shot of Oxygen – it is the O2 bar after all. Or maybe a Moscow Mule would be more appropriate?

The Press Lounge, New York

OK, so this one might not actually be a hotel bar, but it is an amazing place to go for a drink – and there are hotels nearby. Thanks to outdoor heating and retractable glass, you can enjoy rooftop drinking and the amazing views of NYC even when it’s winter, along with seasonal cocktails like a Ginger Smash.

Icebar, Copenhagen

Unsurprisingly, the Icebar is located in Copenhagen’s Icehotel – a great place to chill out (sorry!). While a lot of people might see it as a bit of a gimmick, there is something to be admired about a hotel bar where everything is made of ice, from the furniture to the glasses – cool!

We love great bars as much as great hotels, and even more so when the two go hand in hand. There are dozens, if not hundreds of great hotel bars around the world, so we’ll try to bring you some more as and when we spot find them.

The Perfect Party Venue

private-partyLooking for somewhere to hold a party can be hard work, especially if you want somewhere a little different or a little more luxurious. Sure there are no shortage of local venues, such as community centres and the local pub. But one category that is often overlooked as a venue are the hotels and particularly the city hotels in places such as London. So what kind of venue could work for a party and how do you go about organising one?


When you start to compile a list of possible venues for your party, there are a few considerations to take into account. Firstly, think of your guests and how they will get to the venue. Is there a tube or train station nearby? Or is there parking if they want to drive to the event? Then consider vendors who will be doing catering and other areas of the party – can they access the venue as they need to? Are there lifts and a loading area for them to bring in equipment and supplies?

Organising the party can take a lot of work and for that reason, many people are turning to an events planning specialist to do the hard work. They look at a list of venues and then get an expert eye on which would work best for the event in question.

Venue ideas

So here are a few of the hotels that offer facilities suitable for a party – based around London just to give you a few ideas!

The Hilton London Tower Bridge is ideal if you want some of the most historic landmarks in the background of those party selfies. The hotel is just a three-minute walk from the nearest tube station as well as a host of sightseeing opportunities for those visiting for more than just the party. As far as space for a party, there’s no shortage of it including seven meeting rooms and an executive board room as well as a suite holding up to 400 people. All the rooms have natural daylight and access to the hotel bar and lounge as well as space for catering within them.

ME London offers a perfect rooftop location for events to enjoy an unrivalled view out across the city. Their Radio Rooftop Bar allows views from Tower Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral while there are a total of seven rooms for meetings and parties, each holding up to 300 people.

The Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences is a five-star heritage hotel on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace. It includes three townhouses with private courtyards as well as up to six bedroom suites for those intimate parties. There are also four signature suits, each individually designed to make for a luxurious night’s stay after the event. The hotel has three restaurants including the Michelin-star Quilon.


Hotels offer a great range of facilities, locations and styles to suit every event. Whether you want a small suite for a few people to enjoy each other’s company or a large room for a major event, many of these hotels can offer options to suit all requirements.